Topic #5

According to McChesney’s “Will the Internet Set Us Free” article, he states that “the internet is crucial to the global integration of the economy.” Meaning that the internet is a tool which we can use to connect with all parts of the world any time we want. Websites like Facebook and Twitter are the two most popular social media sites at this time. The internet is always expanding, in order for these particular websites to stay on top they must also expand to the public’s needs and wants.

TV is one source of media that has been around for generations. TV used to be the newest technology for users to catch up on weekly and daily news. TV took over the popularity of the newspaper as a media outlet. Today, the internet is taking over as the primary media outlet as the TV once did. Anything can be found on the internet. My own personal internet use far outweighs my use of the TV. I usually use the internet while watching TV until I get bored with one or the other I sometimes switch. Any questions I have about any topic I Google, even when I misspell a word I Google it to find the correct spelling. I also use Google to find the phone number and address to companies or when I have a question about anything I bring up Google on my laptop or cell phone.

I use for all of my news related questions. For example over summer when the earthquake hit Washington D.C the first place I went to after feeling the shock waves was MSN. Sure enough, across the top of the screen in bold red and white letters, 2.3 magnitude earthquake hits D.C. Of course as the day passed we later found out it was in fact a 5.8. The next website I went to was Facebook to see if anyone else has experience the same thing I had and yes there were tons of people commenting about it, everyone was commenting on other people’s status etc.

Another website I find myself using more and more is I use this website to watch football games on my laptop when they are not being aired on cable. As a Philadelphia Eagles fan living in New York, the priority of airing a stupid Giant or Jets game seems to be more important. On this website I can watch any game that is being aired that day from all over the country.

I completely agree with McChesney’s thesis. If there internet and everything in it weren’t as readily accessible to me as they are right now I wouldn’t have known about the earthquake in Washington D.C. The most I would have known were rumors passed from one person to the next which always changes as it passes through more and more people. Without the internet, as lazy as it sounds, I would have to find a dictionary and look up the spelling of a specific word. I wouldn’t have information easily available from Google like, how to make homemade pizza. And lastly without the internet I wouldn’t have been able to watch every Eagles game, just the few that have been aired on primetime.