Topic #1

The effect of technology on children has been an increasingly heated topic over the past few years. As it continues to grow and change, technology has gradually made its way into the hands of younger generations. Personally, I’ve seen children as young as toddlers using smartphones, iPads, iPods and laptops. The younger children may not know exactly what they are doing with these devices but just being introduced to them at such a young age makes ensures that they won’t know what life is like without them.

I believe my generation to be one of the first generations of children to be introduced to technology at a young age. My first introduction to technology was in middle school, 8th grade keyboarding which is nothing compared to what today’s children are being introduced to. Practicing keyboarding skill in middle school didn’t affect my social skills in any way in fact it may have increased our social skills. Computers were new technology in school, it was fresh, new and fun to us. Kids were always asking to be excused to “hang out” in the computer lab.

Obviously as technology progressed and became more advanced kids became more interested and engulfed in it and today kids are completely surrounded and sometimes dependent on different forms of technology, most commonly video games and smartphones. The article provided through the link above talks about the positive and negative effects technology has on children, specifically socially. The article approaches the topic mostly from a social constructionist point of view because the author points out more negative effects than positive.

The author points out that as technology progresses the younger kids get when they are first exposed to it. There are less and less children who aren’t technologically savvy and that most if not all of these kids can’t imagine life without technology. The author goes on to say that this does in fact effect children’s socialization. Most would rather stay inside and play video games then run around outside with their friends. This inevitably has led to a higher percentage of obesity in children which in turn can affect their self-esteem around other kids.

Also, news and media outlets are more accessible to parents through the use of technology. Apps on smartphones and tablets and online news articles make it easier for parents to be exposed to the heightened negativity in the news. This in turn has some parents weary of allowing their children outside to play with friends for extended periods of time. Consequentially more parents encourage playing inside where they can keep a safe eye on their children.