Topic #11

Piracy in the music and film industry has been an increasingly problematic issue in the United States and abroad over the years. As file sharing becomes more accessible online music artists and movie actors as well as producers, directors, composers basically everyone who had been involved with the development of that song or movie don’t get paid. In France there is a law called the 3 strikes law which means the government looks out for people illegally downloading content from the internet, three strikes and they revoke your internet privileges. A website in Europe called PirateBay was taken down because they were providing free pirated songs and movies.

Some top ranking officials among the music and filed industry blame the lack of education on the increase of piracy. Many people believe that because it is available on the internet for free and because “everybody does it” it’s okay to take. In fact there are plenty of websites that provide music legally. Amazon, iTunes and Rhapsody are just a few companies that provide legally downloadable music. If you just want to stream songs without paying Pandora is also available online. Recent services like the Cloud allow users to store their content be it music, books, movies and more in a digital world where it can be accessed from anywhere.

Because there isn’t a legislation holding internet service providers responsible for pirated websites like PirateBay, ultimately other websites will continue to be established. Users will become aware of its existence and it will flourish until it is told to shut down. In other parts of the world there is a performance right built into the song when it is recorded meaning radio stations have to pay a royalty to play the song. This isn’t the case in the U.S because radio stations already feel they provide enough promotional support just by playing the song.

In the end the music and movie industries in the U.S have suffered great loss in revenue because of the internet. It is easier now than ever to stream movies, live TV and music for free over the internet. In order for record and movie companies to bounce back and regain the lost revenue they must figure out a way to keep up with the ever changing demands of technology.